Content Development and Implementation

We work with your content writers to build highly effective content for your website. Our team will review the content your authors create to suggest edits, reformat it to follow effective web practices and perform search engine optimizations. We will also scan the copy for Section 508 compliance to make sure assistive technologies will work properly with your new site and make sure it conforms to standard web practices and guidelines.

We can even assist in getting all your new content input into your new website with proper formatting, links, images and more. We can take the raw content your authors create for us, webify it, place it in your CMS and link everything up.

Service Details

The objective of this service is to incorporate high quality web content for areas of yourwebsite. We will work with your subject matter experts from across your college or university to create a plan to have them draft new or updated content for your website.  We then take the content they have drafted and review and update it so it performs well as web content.    We make sure that the content your content authors creates looks good on the website, is optimized for search engines,follows effective web practices and standards, includes all Section 508requirements and generally just performs well as web content.   We will identify parts of your content which could be formatted to various web standard elements, such as bulleted lists or heading tags, and perform those changes when it makes the content better for the website.  

We will also enter the drafts provided to us into your content management system if required.  We will take drafts of content from your content authors in Microsoft Word or other text editor,perform our standard review and editing activities and then enter that content on your website where it is required.  We will make sure that links inside of the content are accurate and link to the correct place on your website.  

We also can use a picture library you supply us to choose appropriate images for yourwebsite, crop them as required and place those on your website along with your content.   We know that your content is the most important aspect of your site and we work hard to make sure that once it’s up on your website it’s the best content it could be for the web.