Our Services

We know higher education.

We only work on web sites for higher education customers.  While many web agencies offer to create and manage your web site, Ellucian specializes in higher education and understands the nuances and best practices for higher education.  We work directly with you and your team to make sure that you are happy and that we are all understanding the need and the solution.

It is our goal to get your students and other constituents what they need to be successful.  While many places will try to meet with you up front and then disiappear, only to reappear with a solution that isn't exactly what you expected, we work with you in an ongoing, iterative manner so that you know what is happening every step of the way.

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Ongoing Services

Full FTE Support – 1.0 FTE dedicated and assigned to your site for whatever needs we can fulfill from all services available.  40 hours per week billed, it is the job of the site to fully utilize those hours and manage assignments.

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Scheduled Support

Ad-Hoc ticket driven support – No minimum hours.  All hours billed as actually used/needed.  Great for non-critical requests.  With this service, upgrades must be requested and will be performed on ticket requests initiated by the customer.  Tickets are processed in order with all other sites who are submitting tickets.  Normally we have a 10 day turnaround time for ....  If hours are “saved” and go unused for a length of time, they can be used later but only as availability permits.  If we do not have the staff because this need was not forecasted in advance, we may not be able to fulfill the request quickly.

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General Webmastering

Maybe your institution already has a webmaster and content owners who are maintaining your web site, but you have a need for occasional theme updates or custom elements added to your site to keep it fresh.

We can help!

For example, maybe you want to add a video or a new splash page to your site, or you need a new landing page or sub-site for a marketing campaign that you are running.  We will listen to your ideas and give you suggestions on the best way to do this, with an eye on future maintainability.  Our skilled developers will then work with you to implement your vision.


We can also evaluate your site using our proprietary tools that will scan your site and provide a list of errors, 508/ADA compliance issues, broken links, and much more.  We can schedule time in advance to scan your site on demand and put together an action plan to help you tackle the issues that are found or provide an estimate for time needed for us to help remediate any issues that you find.

Scheduled Services

A third service option that we provide is custom development that can take many forms.  We have seen many of the very complex, and sometimes obscure, systems in higher education, and we have written many custom solutions.

We can integrate your portals or websites into your third party systems by writing custom plugins or modules.  Examples of these include a custom shopping cart plugin to expand the functionality of the Ellucian Elevate product.

Many clients have asked us to integrate data from systems such as Banner, Colleage, PowerCampus, and others, to bring data into your site from faculty/staff directories or course catalogs.  We can write custom forms to collect data online and generate reports, emails, or even push it directly into another system.

Whatever you may need, we have probably done it before, and may already have the code to do it quickly and reliably.