Ongoing Services


Ongoing Services is our most comprehensive service.  With all ongoing resources, you will have a named person(s) who will be your primary point of contact.  This level of committment is for those sites who need ongoing support or have an ongoing need.  This can be anything from a few months of backfill between hires or during medical leave of existing staff, or it can be an ongoing need for remote resources to be your dedicated ongoing support staff for all of your web needs.  While project-based services are more focused with specific details and deadlines involved, this level of service is more flexible and we will adapt to be as accommodating as possible to your needs.  If you just want the simple peace of mind that you always have someone to call when you need them, this is the level of service for you.


While you will still be submitting tickets into the system, you can rest assured that by having a dedicated person, your tickets will be routed faster and not get stuck in any queue behind other clients.  Your assigned person will be focused on you for the hours designated.  If this person if a full-time ongoing person, they will be focused only on you.

If your designated person must go on vacation or needs to take time off for medical reasons from our staff, we are able to call on the rest of our team to cover for them while they are out.  Just because someone goes on vacation, your web site should not be neglected during that time.  You can still submit tickets to our triage queue and someone else on our team will cover for that person while they are out.

In addition, there may be times where there are projects that arise with short deadlines, or emergency issues that cannot be predicted.  In these cases, we can call upon our talented team to step in and help.  We will leverage the resources of our entire team to rally around your site to get the issues resolved as quickly as possible.  We rarely run into “dead ends” or “run out of ideas”.  With the exhaustive knowledge of our entire team we almost always come up with a solution and keep your site running along as smoothly as possible.


Once we work out the details and timing of the assignment, It will be up to the CIO (or person(s) designated by the CIO) to manage communications with that person.  This person is an extension of your site staff and is a part of your team.  You can schedule meetings with them directly and introduce them to any staff that they will be working with.  They will be focused on your needs so be sure to include them in any relevant emails, phone calls, and meetings.

The projects do not necessarily have to be named in advance.  We will gladly fulfill whatever needs we can fulfill from all services available.  Since we will be committing to an ongoing number of hours per week, we give the full control of how they utilize those hours and manage assignments and priorities.  Just as if the person was sitting on-site, make sure that they have a list of assignments and projects and respective priorities so that they will always be providing great service throughout the process.

All requests must be entered into our ticketing system and assigned to the triage group or, in some cases, directly to the person themselves.  The person will already be set up in Service-Now and the Service Delivery Manager will advise how to properly assign these tickets.  We try to be very flexible to make this process as easy as possible.  The CIO or assigned representative from the site as designated by the CIO will be responsible for prioritization of tickets.  Web services will provide estimates for requests and propose realistic deadlines and the CIO must decide which requests take priority and communicate expectations to the client.  All tickets should receive a response from Ellucian Web services within 24 hours (exceptions for holidays, sick time, planned vacation, etc…) .  If the project cannot be completed within the same business day, an estimate will be provided for completion of the project.  This estimate may require further specifications and may change once complete specifications are received.

The CIO or assigned representative from the site as designated by the CIO will be responsible for providing all necessary accounts, access, specifications, graphics, or other necessary requirements to complete tasks.  This may require resources from outside of Ellucian Web Services.  For larger projects, this may require detailed specifications and project management services from outside of Ellucian Web Services.  Any delay in this will cause project deadlines and estimates to be jeopardized.

If third-party developers are present, the CIO or assigned representative from the site as designated by the CIO will be responsible for managing their projects and any conflicts that arise between that third-party and Ellucian Web Services.