Information Architecture

Your web site needs to be intuitive, easy to use and well organized.    It should help guide users towards content they need and not force them to dig through a complicated organizational structure.   Our team of experts can help you plan the content hierarchy, called information architecture to help create a smooth experience for your visitors.

Service Details

The objective of this service is to create an information architecture map for all of the pages in your site.   The information architecture map will list out all of your pages, their hierarchy and how they relate to each other.  Information about your current pages, such as its current URL, it’s status and if it’s content is acceptable for copying into the new architecture,is recorded in the map so it’s straight forward to use the it to rebuild your site.   

The process to build the map will consist of remote interview sessions with key teams from the school.   During the remote sessions we will evaluate the structure of your existing site and create the sections of the new map according to best practices.  As we create and organize items in the new map we will record the URL of the old page and add notes regarding its content status.  These notes can then be used during the copyediting phase of a larger redesign project.

An outline of the process is as follows:

  • Define Teams from the School to Participate
  • Schedule Meetings with the Teams
  • Define Top Level Root Sites (Ellucian)
  • Meet with Each Team
    • Review of current status of New Architecture Map
    • Discuss Current Website Architecture
    • Create, Update, Delete, Organize Pages in New Architecture Map
    • Discuss Content Audit Action Items for each Page in the New Architecture Map
  • School Review of New Architecture Map
  • Final Architecture Review and Generation (Ellucian)
  • Export Map for Sharing, Publish for the School to Review

The service starts at 120 hours for a map with up to 500 total pages.   This includes meeting with up to 5 teams.   Service usually takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete.