Strategic Planning

Before you begin a web redesign or enhancement project it’s important to lay a solid foundation with a strategic plan and roadmap for your future site.   Our strategic planning service will help you build this foundation by performing a detailed analysis of your business needs,discussing how your website is currently performing and interviewing key staff members to understand how the website could better support their needs. 

Service Details

The objective of this service is to prepare a strategic plan and roadmap for your web project.   The plan will outline both technical and non-technical pain points you have with your current site and will provide a roadmap for solving those addressing those. Assessments and interviews with up to 12 groups from the school will be conducted remotely to understand any pain points they have, how the website could better serve their needs and in general what they would like to see in the future.  

 We will also interview the marketing department or group responsible for the identity of the website to understand how effectively the current website is promoting the schools message, how well the website aligns to current other campaigns happening, how well the website is functioning as a marketing tool.    We will also any strategic plans in place for the school and how those can be incorporated into the new website redesign.

The following outlines the strategic assessment and details what the completed plan and roadmap will cover.  

  • Evaluation of your Schools Identity, it’s Attributes and it’s Benefits
  • Evaluation of the Audiences for your Website
  • Web Governance
    • Website Steering Team
    • Website Management
    • Website Content Owners and their Workflow
    • Website Content Authors and their Workflow
  • Information Architecture and Web Content Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Web Content Quality
    • Website Organizational Structure
    • Ease of Use
    • Guiding Paths and Calls to Action
  • Visual Presentation
    • Responsive
    • Cross Browser
    • Modern
    • Consistent
    • Accessibility
    • Standards Conformance
  • Content Substance – Relevancy, Applicability, and Timeliness
  • Content Standards
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Recommendations Outline
    • General Website Recommendations
      • Information Architecture
      • Overall Website Concept
      • Web Content
      • Features, Applications, Integrations
    • Marketing, Identity and Website Development
      • Primary Strategic Marketing Goals
      • Secondary Strategic Marketing Goals
      • Key Calls to Action
      • Key Messages
      • Key Website Features
      • Website Audience Overview
    • Strategy and Operations
      • Roles and Responsibilities
        • Web Governance and Steering Team
        • Web Master
        • Content Author Teams
    • Technology Systems
      • Content Management
      • College Catalog
      • Events Management
      • Analytics

Service starts at 80 hours, is conducted remotely and typically takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete.