Website Maintenance and Updates

It’s important to keep your site up to date and running smooth. It’s also important that your website can evolve quickly as needs arise from your users.   Our team can assist you with keeping your content management system up to date, perform testing and upgrades and deploy updates to your production server when they are ready.   We also can also run periodic checks across the site to look for broken links, pages not in compliance with your web content policies and more.  

Service Details

The objective of this service is to provide you with a way to keep your website safe, secure, up to date and moving forward.  When we perform website updates or enhancements we do so on a staging instance of your website provided by your hosting provider.  We will apply updates or perform enhancements on this stage instance so we can verify all aspects of the site are working properly after the work is performed.  We will work with your teams to validate the changes and receive approvals.  Once the work has been approved we will schedule a time for deployment and then deploy the changes from the staging instance to your live site.    

Website maintenance and updates can either be ad-hoc or we can assign a dedicated resource for your site who will regularly check the health of yoursite and suggest update schedules as they are needed.  As part of the maintenance plan we can review your site content, structure, and check for things that might be getting out of compliance with your web content policy. We scan for broken links, validate images are correct for the web, make sure there are no misbehaving plugins or features on the site, check the site against accessibility scanners and validate that things are still responsive and meet modern web standards.   

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates Overview

  • Create a review schedule for web content issues
    • Broken Links
    • Web Accessibility
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Image Formatting
    • General Content Policy Adherence
  • When Issues Identified
    • Create a remediation plan
    • Execute remediation steps and deploy to production once approved.
  • Create a review schedule for CMS and plugin / module updates
  • When updates found
    • Create a clone of your production site for staging
    • Enable Debug Logging / Debugging Tools
    • Update all Plugins / Modules
    • Update Content Management System
    • Review Debug Logs for Issues
    • Review Site by Browsing for Issues
    • Resolve any Issues Identified
    • Give Your Teams Time to Review
    • Upon Approval, Deploy Updates to the Live Production Site

Typically updates review is scheduled at least once a month.   Overall website maintenance checks are scheduled quarterly.