Institutions of higher education have very precise and custom needs that are different from most standard public web sites.  While we can certainly use a lot of publicly available tools and plug-ins that are universally useful across numerous environment, we have found that in many instances, we have had to develop custom tools for our clients that help facilitate their needs.  In many cases, these are plug-ins or modules that help ease administration or add additional functionality. In other cases, we have developed entire processes that help define our best practices specifically in higher education.  Here are just a few of the custom tools that we have written right here on our Ellucian team that you mind find useful.

Custom Applications:

Site Scanner tool - This tool is a custom scanner using a combination of open source resources combined with our own custom in-house functionality.

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Custom plug-ins or modules:

Enhanced Elevate shopping cart - This WordPress plug-in (and Drupal Module) enhances the standard default shopping cart functionality of the Ellucian Elevate product.

<list of other tools goes here>