Web Site Tune-up

Not all ongoing services are large commitments for ongoing support.  Sometimes, you just want the peace of mind that someone is actively monitoring and checking your web site for common maintenance needs.  We recognize this and our ongoing “tune up” service from Ellucian may be just what you need.

Here is how it works:

  1. We scan your site during the first week of every month with our custom in-house scanning tool combined with other industry standard tools.  These tool checks for several common maintenance needs.
    1. Error checking (such as missing pages, broken links, etc…)
    2. 508 Compliance issues.
    3. Responsive Design
    4. Spell check
    5. Grammar (Does this get too far into copy-editing)?
    6. Page load times (yes! and any other performance metrics that can be auto-generated by a tool)?
    7. Image file size (list of specific findings of files over a certain size?  Then a general document on recommendations of ways to optimize images)
    8. html errors (same as/part of item #1 above?)
  2. After the scans, we also manually log in and check your site to see if there are any upgrades or security patches for your plug-ins or overall CMS.  If they are there, we will upgrade them for you so that you are up-to-date each month.  This is not just an automated service from a scan.  It gets our personal touch every time. (We probably create a plugin or module to manage this)
  3. Our team can also spend time with your webmasters, web developers, and/or content creators (users) to help give them some guidance and training on reoccurring issues that we find.  We do not want to just check off boxes every month like many outside web agencies do; a partnership with you to help you better manage your website and help you and your staff grow to establish a better online presence.
  4. If we run across any larger scale problems that fall outside of this “tune-up” service (such as coding errors, broken functionality, unmanageable amounts of content, etc…) we will help you to develop an action plan of your own to address these issues or we will work with you to provide an estimate to treat these as a new project that we can solve for you.


  1. The scanner tool generates a giant list of results.  Many of these are duplicates or caused by one single issue and it can be overwhelming.  For that reason, we take this list and put together an action plan that we will take to correct the issues that arise.  We will provide you with a report of all of the actions that we took and corrections that were made.  You will have a log of all actions that we have taken month-by-month delivered to you each time we take any actions.

This service is proactive and helps to identify problem before they become larger.  Be aware that at this service level, we will not be able to fix every single problem on your web site within the scope of this service.  Our scans may reveal a very poorly written theme or an outdated plug-in that does not have any updates available.  We cannot easily fix those type of scenarios in this limited engagement.  We can, however, work with you to provide an estimate for these needs on a case-by-case basis and schedule additional services if that is necessary.

The goal of this service is to give you peace of mind of the status of your website and know that the small problems are taken care of proactively and to help guide you on solving the larger problems.